How to Smooth Frizzy Hair / Smooth Curls with NATULIQUE Curling System

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Instructions for use of NATULIQUE Curl Creator System


1) Pre-wash hair with NATULIQUE Volume Hairwash – no conditioner. Note that 2-3 Washes is required to leave cuticles completely clean and free of product build up.

2) Divide into 8 sections. 4 sections in the back and 2 on each side. It is important to start with the partings of the 2 hair, as it will be formed that way. You can comb all the hair backwards to avoid any partings. Keep hair movement one way. Remove and avoid any knots and tangles.

3) Select the NATULIQUE Soft (2), Medium (1) or Strong (0) Wave Curl Creator depending on present condition of hair *) Apply solution to sections: Take rst section and place one hand under hair while tapping solution into hair from the applicator bottle. Starting at the nape of the neck, work upwards towards the crown area. Distribute solution with hand and comb from roots to end. Do not stretch or straighten the hair at this point. Even distribution of the solution is vital. All sections must be saturated with solution within 2 minutes, preferably less.

4) Now Straighten the Hair: When all sections are saturated, comb the hair into a straight position for no longer than 1 minute. If it has taken you 2 minutes to achieve this, then you process for 18 minutes. If it took 3 minutes to achieve this, you process for 17 minutes. (Remember: Do not to wash out the solution after the time is up!)

5) Mix 1 part NATULIQUE Curl Creator Neutralizer with 3 parts of lukewarm water. Apply the mixture when the processing time is up (20 minutes). Ease the Neutralizer through the hair with a comb. Leave for 5 minutes.

6) Rinse out the NATULIQUE Curl Creator Neutralizer with lukewarm water. Remove excess water with a towel leaving the hair damp.

7) Mix 1 part NATULIQUE Curl Creator Stabilizer with 1 part lukewarm water. Apply the mixture generously. Sitting time is 7 minutes.

8) Rinse the hair with lukewarm water for 5 minutes, then treat the hair with NATULIQUE Colour Shield Treatment (leave it in for 15 minutes)

9) Blow Wave to Finish: Refrain from washing the hair for 48 hours after the smoothing treatment for best results

Important: When applying a free hand smoothing service it is important to note that the hair must not be combed for an extended period during processing (no longer than 1 minute at a time). Doing so would be exactly like unwinding and winding a perm rod while processing, resulting in no curl formation and stressed hair. For optimal results the hair must be in a still state for the full processing time.

For your clients health and safety: Use towels, water proof capes and neck snares to protect you client, as a smoothing process will drip

*) NATULIQUE Soft (2) Wave Curl Creator is for very treated hair (highlighted, decoloured) NATULIQUE Medium (1) Wave Curl Creator is for treated hair (permanent coloured) NATULIQUE Strong (0) Wave Curl Creator is for untreated hair (natural and semi-colored)