Bioactive Bond Repair


Bioactive Bond Repair

Rebuilding every single hair strand from the inside out. New and revolutionary reparative treatment, to restore and rebuild damaged hair in 3 steps.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Certified
  • Ocean Friendly Recycled Plastic
  • Organic Ingredients

Introducing the NATULIQUE BioActive Bond Repair System

A Revolutionary 3-Step Salon Exclusive System That Repairs Broken Bonds.

Made with plant-based, vegan and certified organic ingredients.

  • The world’s first hair bond treatment that is naturally-derived, patented and developed in Scandinavia.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Recommended for clients with damaged hair or regular ammonia-based or mea-based hair colouring.
  • Safe for all hair types, including coloured and chemically treated hair.
  • Repairs and strengthens hair from within, resulting in healthier, softer, and shinier hair.
  • Complete solution for repairing broken hair bonds.

    Repair And Rebuild Broken Hair From The Inside Out

    Revolutionary 3-Step Salon Exclusive System

    Step 1 – Bond Repair Intrinsic Additive
    A professional exclusive solution that repairs and rebuilds broken hair bonds from the inside out, using plant-based, vegan ingredients and maintain strength, health and manageability with a mild and fresh scent.

    Step 2 – Bond Repair Intrinsic Strengthener
    A highly concentrated, plant-based mask that repairs broken hair bonds from the inside out, reduce breakage, adds shine, smoothness and intense moisture, developed specially to optimise multi-bond interactions, it contains patented bond repair complex, oils and extracts.

    Step 3 – Bond Repair Intrinsic Maintenance
    Prolongs the salon result, leaving you with healthy and lusciously shiny hair. The patented complex heals broken bonds caused by heating tools, chemical services and hair colouring.

    NATULIQUE BioActive Complex Is A Plant-Based Treatment

    Repairs And Rebuilds Damaged Hair By Creating New Bonds

    The patended BioActive Complex is made of small micro-molecules that penetrate the hair easily to optimise interactions within the keratin cortex. It repairs hair damage caused by chemicals, colouring and heat.

    Your clients will see healthier, softer and shinier hair with less breakage. It’s been clinically proven to give your clients up to 3x stronger hair after one treatment.

    Step 1

    NATULIQUE Hair Bond
    Intrinsic Additive

    NATULIQUE Hair Bond Additive is the first step in the BioActive Bond Repair system containing the BioActive Complex.

    It brings the hair’s internal structure back to a more natural state and maintains strength and health while giving manageability back to the hair. With a mild and fresh scent, it is the perfect first step to repair broken bonds.

    Helps reverse and repair broken bonds caused by heat, chemicals and colouring in just one treatment (when used with the complete 3-step system).

    Exclusively Professional

    Step 2

    NATULIQUE Hair Bond
    Intrinsic Strengthener

    The NATULIQUE Hair Bond Strengthener is the second step in the BioActive Bond Repair system and is a highly concentrated reparative and strengthening mask.

    The BioActive Complex reduces breakage, adds shine, smoothness and intense moisture to treat damaged hair.

    This step also adds plant-based keratin back to the hair and creates new bonds in the inner cortex of the hair.

    Exclusively Professional

    Step 3

    NATULIQUE Hair Bond
    Intrinsic Maintenance

    NATULIQUE Hair Bond Maintenance is a mask that prolongs the salon result, leaving your client with healthy and lusciously shiny hair after use.

    Follow the in-salon NATULIQUE BioActive Bond Repair step 1 and 2 service with a weekly at-home treatment to make bonds stronger over time and reduce breakage in between treatments.

    This at-home treatment contains the patented complex and heals broken bonds caused by heating tools, chemical services and hair colouring.

    Ocean Friendly Recycled Plastic

    Recycled And Recyclable

    When it comes to the sustainability of salon products, it is not only the ingredients that count. The product packaging is an important factor as well, and so is the way in which the packaging is discarded.

    Sustainability has always been part of the NATULIQUE DNA and taking responsibility for the environment is a matter of the heart to us. With our commitment to making the world a cleaner place, we strive to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, and the BioActive Bond Repair system is no different.

    The Ocean Friendly Recycled Plastic certificate is our guarantee that the packaging is made using recycled plastic and that the bottle is recyclable after use. This is done to minimise the amount of plastic that goes into the ocean.

    After use, we urge you to make the sustainable choice and discard the empty bottles correctly so they are recycled.

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